Please be sure to use our actual logo. It is based on the ITC Avant Garde Standard Book font which is NOT included natively with Windows. It can be purchased for use. You can detect non-standard logos because the tip of the “e” in our logo should be horizontal. Here is a good logo:

You can right-click on the image above and select “Save Image As” to save a copy of the official logo.

Note that the logo can be used as only our name:

Also note that the formatting of the logo should not be changed. This is key to keeping our branding uniform.

Here are some copies of our logo with clear backgrounds:

This is a clear-background .PNG file that you can use over other background images:

Our Orange color is Red 240, Green 106, Blue 36. Please keep that standardized as well.


Here is the current power point template:

2017_ Ascentec_PowerPointTemplate