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CMM Inspection

Ascentec utilizes the latest, state-of-the-art CMM technology. We have developed the ability to inspect both small and large machined parts and integrated assemblies, utilizing Mitutoyo 500/700/400 and Zeiss Contura G2 RDS 1000/1600/600 machines.

Zeiss Contura G2 RDS 1000/1600/600

CMM Capabilities:

  1. Ability to inspect both small and large machined parts and integrated assemblies. CMM Inspection Sizes – Mitutoyo 19.7″ x 27.5″ x 15.75″, Zeiss Contura – 39.4″ x 63.0″ x 22.8″
  2. Extremely Accurate Inspections – Mitutoyo CMM= 10 micron (.0004″) over limited range, Zeiss CMM = 0.00008″ over extended range.
  3. Repeatability – Ascentec’s use of state of the art CMM equipment takes the human element out of repeat inspections
  4. Production parts – Once a program is set up, repeat production part inspections are fast and accurate
  5. Ability to scan profiles – AE is capable of inspecting complex surface profile features.
  6. Reverse Engineering – Through the use of the Zeiss CMM AE can backward engineer to create CAD models of entire parts.
  7. Import models – Using the latest inspection software allows AE to inspect to a customer model. Customers are dimensioning less and placing specific requirements based on part model opposed to having all of the information on the manufacturing print.

Mitutoyo 500/700/400