PCBA Test Fixture Solutions
  • Custom functional test fixtures, tailored to your individual test requirements
  • Offered in three standard sizes which can easily be customized to your need
  • Internal interface PCB, relay boards, or power supplies, can be incorporated
  • Repeatability. Use of the best possible mechanical sources and reliability
Wave Solder Pallets


  • Reduce Overall Soldering Costs
  • Decrease Scrap
  • Improve Quality
  • Protect Active SMT Components
Titanium Inserts


  • Solution for DFM Spacing Violations
  • Cost Effective
  • Eliminate Hand Soldering
  • Reduce Defects
Press Fit Support Plates


  • Stable Support Under PF Connectors
  • Protect SMT Components
  • Tooling Aligns to the PCBA
Pneumatic Heat Sink Tooling


  • Applies the Proper Amount of Force
  • Preset the Duration of Time
  • Consistent and Repeatable Process
  • Eliminates Operator Dependency
Adjustable Carriers


  • Wave Solder Carrier (High Performance and Value Line)
  • Surface Mount Carrier
  • Process Carrier
3D Design Review


  • This secure online approval
  • Both 3D & 2D formats
  • No special software downloads
  • Downloadable AUTOCAD .DWG
Surface Mount Carriers


  • Decrease setup time
  • Reduces handling
  • Improves Soldering
  • Support for Thin PCBA’s
Online Support Systems


  • ITAR Registered
  • Secure Online Upload & RFQ Forms
  • Encrypted Internal Data Server
  • Ability to translate a multitude of Data Formats
  • Design Data Requirements
Stock Material & Hardware List


  • Durapol 68.910 Composite
  • Grey CDM 68.940
  • VLC
  • Electrolock XPS
  • G10 (FR4) Composite
  • 6061 & MIC 6 Aluminum
  • MIC 6 Aluminum
  • High Grade Titanium
  • Molded Hold Downs