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Heat Sink Tooling

Ensure an effective thermal & mechanical bond and reduce cycle times with Ascentec Engineering’s heat sink application tooling. Designed specifically for heat sink processes, these fixtures accurately locate heat sinks and apply controlled pressure to eliminate voids in the adhesive.

Key elements of a Heat Sink Attachment Fixture:

  • The ability to attach up to 12 heat sinks to a board simultaneously.
  • Variable and controllable force application.
  • An easy access drawer with interchangeable, board specific base which provides support specifically where heat sinks are attached. This stops the PCB from flexing during the application of the force to the heat sink (which minimizes secondary damage to adjacent surface mount components).
  • Heat sink alignment jig to provide accurate heat sink placement.
  • Board specific top plate with either removable or permanently attached cylinders.
  • Cycle timer (20-300 seconds).
  • Fully safety interlocked which makes this safe and easy to use on a busy production line.
  • Flexible enough to allow quick changeovers to suit production demands.
  • The correct force for the correct length of time is applied to suit the BGA/heat sink/adhesive which makes the whole process consistent and repeatable

Heat Sink Tooling