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Titanium Wave Solder Fixtures

Helping you build the impossible – Titanium Selective Solder Pallets provide a cost effective solution to wave soldering electronic assemblies with extremely tight surface mount to through-hole component spacing. Over the years Ascentec Engineering has mastered the art of machining flat titanium for wave solder fixtures and other specialized tooling.

  • Gasket Wall Thickness: Walls as thin as 0.010” have been used successfully in high volume applications
  • Component Spacing: The thin gasket wall and precision fabrication by Ascentec Engineering allow component spacing to 0.010” between nearest features
  • Improved thermal characteristics to specific locations
  • Corrosion Resistant: Titanium is very corrosion resistant and will not leach into SN/Pb or lead free alloys. Unlike stainless steel, Titanium will never collect solder causing icicle solder buildup to form. Because of its unique attributes, it is the only metal used for solder nozzles and conveyer fingers on modern wave solder machines
  • Pallet Size: 20” x 30” are the largest pallets recommended
  • Inserts: For small tight areas, Titanium inserts within composite material may be a cost effective option, even when spacings of SMT pad and through hole barrel are less than .019″ apart

Flush Mounted with Fixture

Thin Wall

Titanum Machining

Bottom-Side Chamfers

Component Relief Pockets

Titanium Inserts